Professional and Concentration

Rongkey focuses on the design and development work on automotive interior system.

Rongkey has a rich experience in previous layout.

Rongkey is familiar with the product development process.

Rongkey owns the ability to complete the project development independently.

Rongkey has design guideline and inspection specification in each development stage.

Rongkey has strong project management capability. We can ensure the time node in the process of project development.

Rongkey owns the relevant engineering development knowledge. We can keep track of the development of the project.

Rongkey has independent local area network (LAN) and FTP data exchange server that can make sure the data security.

Rongkey has a lot of interior and exterior BENCHMARK project database, available for reference.

Rongkey has a lot of interior and exterior product samples, available for reference.





Efficient  Environment

Rongkey has spacious, bright, comfortable and neat office environment.

The work atmosphere in rongkey is relaxed and pleasant.

The high-performance servers, workstations and other devices in rongkey all bought from DELL.

Rongkey has a lot of advanced professional talents, graduating from famous university.






Rongkey provides customers with value-added design services and put forward the concept of design+ for the first time:

1.Rongkey’s service attitude is better than customers’ expectation.

2.Rongkey takes the cost saving of products manufacturing in consideration for customers during the period of design.

3.Rongkey supplies continuously tracking service of design products.

4.Rongkey can provide with a complete set of product solutions, including structure design, A surface design, rapid sample making, CAE analysis, etc. We can save the management costs effectively for our clients.

5.Rongkey supplies you with additional specialist technical support.






Rongkey has superior location and convenient transportation.

1.Frist, it’s very convenient to take train or plane in rongkey. Because rongkey is eight miles distant from the Shanghai hongqiao transportation hub, about 10 minutes by car.

2.There are many traffic roads around rongkey, such as G60, G50, G15high-speed and Jiamin flyover, etc.

3.It takes about ten minutes to walk to the Jiuting station, Shanghai Metro Line 9 .