The name of Rongkey comes from two words: “A thorough understanding and work smoothly.”

The “A thorough understanding” originates from Zhu Xi・ three. It refers to combining all aspects of knowledge or truth to get a thorough understanding.

The “work smoothly” originates from Liezi・Zhongni. The thoroughfare means smoothly avenue. The ballad means songs. It describes people singing songs in a large open avenue. It often used to describe a time of national peace and order.

The meaning of "A thorough understanding and work smoothly" is employees can flexible use of knowledge and combine with the actual work to create a better future together.

Our English name is "RongKey“. "Key" shows our position to help customers solving the core problem as their key partners.








Shanghai rongkey automotive design co., ltd. was founded in 2011. The transportation of rongkey is very convenient. It locates in Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, closing to the Hongqiao hub.

Rongkey is currently the most professional supplier of automotive interior system design and development internal. Our entrepreneurial team comes from the global famous interior enterprise----Yanfeng Visteon. Our key staffs have all worked in the superior internal business with rich experience. The company relies on technology. We have strong technology research and team management capabilities. We are familiar with the development process of the interior and exterior trim, such as the IP, console, door panel, pillar, bumper, function parts, etc. Shanghai Rongkey is a national high-tech enterprise. It’s a high starting point, high educated, high level and high quality team. The company currently has hundreds of professional engineers in various fields.

Rongkey focus on innovative research and development. After several years of development, we now have been authorized more than fifty patents, including three invention patents.

Our main business is the design and development of automotive interior system and the design training of automotive interior. We have the ability to develop the whole life cycle of auto parts, including styling design, structure design, engineering development and parts manufacturing, etc.









Company Vision: To be an outstanding automotive interior enterprise.





Management concept:

The “situation management,” which means the common development between employees and the company.

Working principle:

To be the best